Thursday, May 24, 2007

bad girl!

I'm a very bad girl! I have a habbit of shopping, whenever I'm not in a great mood. I'm feeling OK today, but definitely nervous about tomorrow's ultrasound and bloodwork. I really want my E2 level to go down!! Anyway- so shopping...

I was surfing around as I had my afternoon coffee, and was trying to re-focus on my work. And I saw that J.Jill had a great sale on some summer items. Now, this is one of my favorite stores, I love the style, and the cut actually fits me pretty well. Then I saw a few items I had lusted after this spring, and a few new things that I really HAD to I ordered them. Now I'm really trying hard not to spend money on useless stuff...but I caved. And it's stuff I can wear to work, so that's not so horrible. At least it wasn't yarn again... I have enough yarn to last me about 10 years (at least).

The thing I'm having trouble with now, is focusing. Every time I turn around, my mind goes to my cycle, and what comes next, and what to expect, and how I'm going to react to the meds. I'm finding it very difficult to actually be productive at work. I suppose it will get easier next cycle, since I'll have a better idea of what to least I hope it is! For now, all I can really focus on is my bloodwork tomorrow. I guess I really need to find a balance here and find a way to make it so I can focus at work.

Thanks for the thoughts on what to say to our daughter about everything. All she knows is that mommy is taking some scary medicine (she saw the needles), but that I'm not sick. I did however have to tell her day care teachers what was going on. Yesterday she got in a fight with a classmate over a toy, and she ended up getting pinched under her eye. They called me at work, I talked to her teacher, who put her on so I could talk to her. I asked her if she wanted me to come get her, and she said yes- so I did. I think the teacher was surprised to see me (she told me that celia was ok, just a little upset), so I explained that I was a little out of sorts, she asked if I was ok, and I started telling her what was going on. She was SO nice about it, asked lots of questions, and was really understanding. Part of the reason I told her is because Celia saw me with the needles getting my meds ready once or twice (and again this morning- the hubby isn't exactly great at keeping her out of the kitchen while I'm doing this). I didn't want her teachers to freak if Celia started talking about needles and scary medicine at school. Thankfully, her eye is fine, and my picking her up was definitely overreacting. But on the plus side, it took my mind off my estrogen levels for the afternoon!