Wednesday, May 23, 2007

minor freak out

So after I hung up with my nurse yesterday, I had a rush of questions I instantly needed to ask. Of course, I tried to find them online first (didn't want to bug her), but when I couldn't, I broke down and called her back. Thankfully, she returned my message within 10 minutes- I was REALLY impressed with that!

The deal is this: Apparently the high E2 level was likely due to the fact that my ovaries aren't suppressed fully. She wants to give it a few more days of lu.pron, and see if it goes down. It should. If it doesn't go down enough, we give it a few more days and check again. She said she has had patients that needed 3 lu.pron evaluations before starting the stims. She said that often it is due to a cyst, but after the ultrasound yesterday, they didn't see any, and are confident that it's not a cyst. So it's just a waiting game now. I felt much better after talking to her, and I'm glad I called. After that, I was so exhausted, that I went home from work an hour and a half early and took a nap. It was absolute heaven! I put my jammies on, crawled into bed, and was out like a light.

Now for the good news- I don't have to miss my best friend's stagette!! I wasn't sure if I could make it because of monitoring appointments, but now, I go in friday, and if all is good, then start stims and come back monday! So we'll leave after work on friday, drive up to Buffalo, and drive back on Sunday. It's 1 day less than we originally planned, but it's better this way. I'll have Sunday to relax and recover from the drive (it's about a 6.5 hour drive, but with stops and a 3 year old, it takes us about 8). I called my friend last night, and she was really excited that I'm going to be able to make it. I'm curious to see what this whole pole dancing craze is all about. Yup- the party starts off with a pole dancing class, and then a trip to the Chocolate Bar (one of Buffalo's coolest bars downtown- their chocolate martinis are incredible, and their dessert selection is to die for!). I'm really excited!! I really wanted to see the look on her face when she opens everything I sent (did I say I went a little overboard?!).

The rest of the week I just have to get through work. I'm surprised at how exhausted the lu.pron is making me. I guess if I'm going to have any side effect, that's not such a horrible one to have.

Oh- and good luck to LJ today! She's got her 3rd IUI attempt- I hope 3rd time is a charm for you!!