Sunday, February 17, 2008

1 more dose

I took my second-to-last dose at 5. After dinner, I put the last one in the bathroom, where I'll take it right before I go to sleep tonight. I don't know why I'm so afraid of what's going to happen! Worst case, I'm in pain. I call the OBs office when I get up, and end up in the hospital delivering the boy tomorrow. Best case, I'm feeling some contractions, but not many more than I am now. I know this is completely out of my hands, and I have to roll with the punches. All I know for sure, is that the last few days have been hard, and I've had way more contractions than I have in the last few weeks. As pill time comes, I've been really feeling it, where before, it would take at least an hour before I noticed anything. Now it's about an hour before.

This weekend we spent a lot of time in stores picking up last minute things, and getting as much ready as we can. Infant car seats are installed. Laundry is all done. I think we have everything we should need now. Or at least I hope we do. Something tells me that this week is the week. We'll see if I'm right.