Friday, February 15, 2008

last day

Well, today was my last day going into work. I'm going to be working from home next week and the week after until the baby comes (if it takes that long). I'm so lucky to have a supervisor who is so understanding about these things! Thankfully we both know that the longer I take it easy, the longer I can continue to work, even if it is remotely. And we have some major huge deadlines that I need to work towards finishing. Or at least wrapped up enough for someone else to finish. I'm going to have to work this weekend a bit to make sure everything is ready to go, just in case.

The highlight of my day was a baby shower that my co-workers gave for us (there are 3 of us who are due between my date and the first week of April, and one guy whose wife is due April 10th. So it was a joint shower for the 4 of us, which was perfect! We had a big cake, with frosting booties in each corner (3 sets of pink ones, one set of blue) with our names under them. We all cut the cake, and relaxed and chatted for an hour and a half or so. I was very pleased when my boss had mentioned that they had decided to a joint one, and to only get gifts for the person having their first (three of us are on our second). Though there was a little surprise, and we all got a toy for our babies. My little guy got a really cute turtle toy, which I absolutey love! Celia's excited to show him how to use it too, which is cool. One other fun thing was that they did a pool. For $2, you had to guess the delivery dates and times of all 4 of us. And whoever gets closest (and second closest) will win parts of the pool. I am hoping for my delivery to happen March 4th, as is scheduled. But somehow I doubt it will happen (considering if I'm an hour late on my meds, I have more contractions that are stronger and more painful). So I put down Wednesday, Feb. 20th. We'll see if I'm right on that, or way off base. I have no idea.

After that, I left and stopped at Great Beginnings to pick up a few things (one more sheet for the crib, and a sheet for the basinette and packNplay, a blue onesie that says "I'm the baby brother", and a pink T-shirt that says "I'm the big sister", a new set of nail clippers, a hand bre.ast pump and an extra bottle. It was quite the successful trip! And I was done in 20 minutes, because I knew what I needed.

I'm so glad it's Friday. And a long weekend! While I do plan on getting some work done, much of the weekend will be spent with my feet up, relaxing, and just having fun with my daughter, while I still can.