Monday, February 18, 2008

change in plans

To start, I'm feeling pretty good today. Definitely having contractions, but they are irregular. However last night before bed, there was a good 50 minutes straight where I was contracting every 4 minutes (about an hour before my last dose). I was getting nervous and thought about calling the OBs office, and would have if after laying down to go to sleep, it hadn't stopped. But thankfully my last dose, and laying down made them slow down. So far so good today. Thank goodness!!

As for the change in plans, my mom called this morning and she sounded a little odd. She mentioned that she was having some mild chest pains over the weekend, and that her Doc wanted her to go to the hospital to have some tests run. But to try to hold off the baby for a few more days. That was just after 8. I went and took a nice nap (an hour and a half!), and went outside to join Celia and Nathan for a bit. I came in to make lunch around 12:30, and my stepfather called. I was expecting this, so I wasn't caught off guard. Apparently my mom had suffered a mild heart attack some time over the weekend. They didn't know when, but it seems to be what happened. She's in the hospital for a few days, and they'll run more tests. My step father had been in class (he's a finance professor at UB) all morning, and had only just heard from her. So he called me immediately, and told me what had happened, and said that my mom would not likely be able to come up and help out after the baby comes. And same goes for Celia's trip up there, to assume that it's going to be cancelled. But to call a nanny service tomorrow, and find someone to come to the house to help me out for a few weeks after baby comes, and to send them the bill. I'm not sure if I'll go that far to do that, but it was really nice for him to offer.

I am still a bit shocked, but I know heart disease does run in my family. My mom's mother died of a heart attack while driving (wasn't wearing a seat belt and smashed into a tree when I was 6 months old), my father's father died of a heart attack when my dad was 13. This is all part of the reason why I want to just stop screwing around and get healthy after the baby comes. I think the hardest thing right now, is that I'm stuck here. I'm 8 hours away, by car, and I can't get up there to be with her. If I wasn't pregnant, the second my step father called, I would have packed a bag, and gotten in the car. I'm just waiting for a phone call this evening after my stepfather gets back from the hospital to let me know how things are going. And of course, I can't call my brother to let him know what's going on, because he's on vacation in Mexico. And my step father doesn't want to worry him while on vacation if it's nothing major. But if it gets worse, he'll let him know. I hate being stuck here right now. All I can do is wait for the phone to ring, and try to be optimistic. Not easy.