Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I really dislike ice! I can handle feet of snow, but when it ices, I turn into a baby and won't leave the house. This morning was particularly difficult. I have a meeting at work at 9:15, that I really want to go to (it's an update on the grant I'm on, which expires in August, and we're supposed to hear that there's still work to do after that's over). So, when I woke up and saw that the Fed Gov't was on delayed arrival by 2 hours, and that several people from my group weren't making it in, due to schools being delayed. So, after Nathan spent 20 minutes chipping ice off of the stairs to the house, I decided to stay home. I have less than 3 weeks to go, and would hate to get into an accident now. There still hasn't been an announcement saying that the meeting has been postponed, which shocks me (usually they are). So looks like I'm missing it. Which does not make me happy. But I'd never forgive myself if I slipped and fell, or got into an accident. I have to keep reminding myself that right now, the most important thing is to keep my baby safe. Everything else comes second. Of course, I feel guilty about it though. So far this week, I've worked from home because I planned on going in today, tomorrow and Friday. I really wanted to make it in 3 times this week! Tomorrow and Friday aren't an option- I have to go in. So, lets hope the ice melts today!

I also have 2 appointments tomorrow! First with my OB, and in the afternoon with my MFM. I'm curious to see how things are going in there! I'm hoping the fluid levels are going down a bit more, but I have no idea. It's impossible to tell! My sugars have been OK, but not perfect. So we'll see.

So, Monday afternoon I got really irritated with our bathroom's wallpaper border. I made an effort to just do it for 5 minutes, and it only took 2 to get the front layer off (the printed part). Now all that's up is the backing. Which needs a few sprays of water and a little scraping to come off. But at least it will be easy in there. The upstairs bathroom however, will be quite the challenge. I got irritated again, monday night, and just grabbed one of the big edges that was coming off and pulled- the entire strip off (of course, not including the backing, but at least the ugly pattern part is coming off easy). Nathan and I have just been grabbing at the edges whenever we're in there, and pulling once or twice. Celia's having fun with it too! And we were pleased with the progress (it appears to be primer under the wallpaper). Until last night, Nathan comes down and says that it's not just primer. He found up at the top, that there is a wallpaper border covered with primer. But it's blue, so it's easy to see it. And then he looked more carefully at the wall, and there's definitely wallpaper UNDER the primer! So instead of taking down the previous wallpaper, the previous owners painted over it and re-wallpapered. So that's going to be quite the challenge. Hopefully we'll be able to get both layers of wallpaper off without damaging the walls too much. But we'll see. It is really the only way to do it well, considering there are wallpaper seems on the wall. I think this will be a project I'll take on once I'm on leave and feeling well enough. And thankfully, I know what I'm getting myself into! And all it took was 5 minutes on my feet to figure it out (hey- I do have to go to the bathroom every hour, so it's not like i"m in there anyways...the 5 minutes it took me to figure this out was spread out over several visits to the potty).

As for a few comments on my previous entry- I am pretty sure they require the TL to be a separate surgery at HC hospital to make you really think twice about it. Is it really worth a second surgery? It's a deterrent so you won't do it unless you're really serious about it. If I couldn't do it at the same time as the C-section would I?? I'm not sure honestly. My husband is very willing to get taken care of, so I'd probably just have him do that instead. Either way is relatively permanent birth control. And thanks for your comments and support on this. It was not an easy decision to make, but we definitely feel that it's best for us. And the plus on delivering at SG is that I actually ended up delivering Celia there too. It's SO much closer to my house (15 minutes instead of 30+), my office is RIGHT across the street (literally) so I'll get lots of visitors from there, and, their new mother/baby wing just opened a few months ago. So the rooms are all brand new, and private.