Monday, October 1, 2007

Happiness Challenge #1

I decided to start 2 days early on this, because- why not?!
Thurs. Aug 30th: Some mommy-daughter time. My daughter has been asking me to paint her nails for a week, and I took time last night to do it for her. Then, she begged me to let her try to paint my nails. So I let her. She did an OK job, and today I'm walking around with slightly messy light purple fingernails. I did my toes myself (while I still can reach that far), in the same fun color. Overall, she did pretty well- my nails all have polish, and aren't too messy. The bad part is that she got a lot of the skin around the nails, but I cleaned as much as I could up. It just looks like I was drunk when I did them, and the smile on her face, and look of concentration, and the way she licks her lips when she's really focusing made it all worth it.
Aug 1-7: Well, this week didn't go as planned. My SIL came to visit, so Celia's and my breakfast ended up being a family affair, which was actually much better. Celia loves having someone else to sit next to other than me and her daddy. My walking didn't really happen this week either. Unfortunately it was too hot, or busy at work and I couldn't get away. However, I did go to Starbucks a few times and grab I consider that my "me" time for the week.
Aug 8-14: This weekend, I went to take Celia to IHOP for pancakes, and before we got there, she said she had to go poop. So we get there, run straight for the bathroom, where she sat for a half hour. I finally convinced her that we'd just go home, and as we were washing our hands, she suddenly looked a bit green. So we rushed for the potty, and she threw up. Home we went, and had to cancel our slot at the library, and a birthday party she had been invited to. Poor kiddo. The next day, we did go shopping, and had a pretzle together at the mall. She liked that a lot. Again with the walking... It just didn't happen! Work has been a bit crazy, and Starbucks was my only break.
Aug 15-21: My mom came to visit this weekend! Celia had a blast, and even got a new bed (my old bed). We did sneak in a bit of time when I was dyeing on Sunday. She came in and dyed her own skein of yarn! I was so proud, and she really had fun. Walking this week- didn't happen at all. We had a course going on that I was teaching at, so I really had NO time to do anything but teach and work. Blech.
Aug. 22-28: Nathan took Celia camping, so instead of "mommy and me" time, there was much "me" time to be had. I relaxed, and dyed, and had a massage, it was perfect. I actually walked three times this week! I was proud of myself for that. And Celia had so much fun camping, that she can't wait to go again.
Aug 29-30: This weekend was filled with birthday parties. I did take her to gymnastics, which gave us a bit of time. I love watching her, she really does love it. And she's really good at it too!

So for my first happiness challenge, I did ok. I wouldn't call it a complete success, but it was pretty good overall. Celia and I had a bit of special time, which I plan to continue. And I did a few things for myself, which I also plan to continue. I hope!!