Sunday, October 21, 2007

cooking is like therapy.

Yesterday, I had to run to the mall to get some clothes that I can actually wear at a professional conference and not be embarassed. I was looking for the typical mall maternity store, so I woulsn't spend too much on stuff I really wouldn't wear more than twice. So, I was thinking I had to drive down to Montgomery mall, which is a great mall, and it isn't too far out of the way. Just a bit further than my "local" mall. I had completely blocked out that there is a Motherhood at Lakeforest mall. It is right next to where I used to get my hair done before they moved. I bought clothes there when I was pregnant with Celia. Yet here I was, completely shocked when I saw on the store locator that there was one in that mall. And then I couldn't for the life of me remember where in the mall it is! Seriously, brainless!

Anyways, I got the stuff I needed and then some, and then we went over to Whole Foods for some groceries. Immediately I had to have cheddar/beer fondue and chocolate fondue. I've been craving fondue again, but haven't had energy to get a sitter and go out. Or go out during the week (I have a coupon for $15 off the big night out during the week at Melting Pot). So I made beer/cheddar fondue, and it was great- though it solidified pretty fast. Next time I'll measure better. I also bought some really good milk chocolate, and made milk chocolate/peanut butter fondue. It was amazing! We ate a huge amount of it, and there's still half in the fridge for tonight. Yummy!!! I had nearly 2 whole bananas and 10 strawberries myself. SO good! And while I was there, I got a standing rib roast, so I a making that tonight. With a currant gravy. It's going to be SO good!! I can't wait. This weekend and last were filled with cooking, and it was great! Too bad my back doesn't like being upright like that for long periods.

Today, is nice and relaxing. I ran to target and Safeway, got home and had lunch, and then am now relaxing more while Nathan is in the guest room peeling off the rest of the border. The lady we bought the house from LOVED borders, and I hate them. Seriously HATE them. I've never met a border I liked. Though there was a cool idea of using wine labels as wallpaper on an episode of Trading Spaces once that was cool... But I digress! I pulled the border down months ago, and of course, it left the backing and glue on the wall. I'm not in a good position to be up on a ladder scraping, so Nathan offered to work on it a bit more today. So that's what he's doing, and I can't wait for it to be gone! We really need to paint that room (it's NASTY filthy) before the baby comes. I have had the paint for months, so if he does that this weekend, maybe in a few weeks I'll get the energy to help paint it. I love painting rooms! It makes me ahppy seeing a new color cover up the filth.

And I need to pack. I can't believe I'm going to California in just 4 days! I can't wait!!

OH, and Karaoke Diva mentioned that she was renting a doppler so she could listen to baby's heartbeat. At first I thought it was cool, but not something I'd do. Until I saw Celia's reaction at the Ultrasound a few weeks back. Seeing and hearing the heartbeat was just amazing to her. So, I ordered one last week, and it arrived 2 days later. I now am the proud renter of a Baby Beat doppler for the next few months. I told Celia what it was, and she's been so excited to hear it. We let her listen on friday, and she didn't want me to turn it off. It was really cute. She really loved it. I'm glad I went ahead and did it. Not just for my peace of mind, but to help include Celia in the whole thing.