Thursday, October 18, 2007


Next thursday, I fly out to San Jose for a conference. I'm excited to get away for a few days, but I'm also crazy busy trying to get my poster presentation finished before I go. So I'm staying home today to crank it out and get it done with. I hope! I'm really looking forward to this trip for 2 reasons. First, I'm going without my family, which means I'll get some me time. I'll get to spend the flight watching the TV they provide, knitting, and sleeping. Without babysitting a 3 and a half year old who hates sitting still on flights. Secondly, I'm flying in and out of San Francisco. And my flight home is 2 days after the conference is over! So, I will be heading up to San Francisco the day the conference ends, and spending time exploring, shopping, and eating. And, my supervisor is going to join me for the majority of it (which is a good thing!). I had debated initially long and hard on whether to spend some extra time there, and I'm glad I finally decided to do just that. I have never been to California, so I'm really looking forward to going. The only bummer (which I got over really quickly) is that I'll be SO close to Napa and can't go. I'll just have to save that for another time when I can go with Nathan. ;)