Monday, October 1, 2007


So where did September go??? Really?? I have no idea! It flew by so fast, and it's just impossible for me to believe that it's October 1st.

We had an interesting weekend. Most of it was a lot of fun (2 birthday parties), but there was a bit of stress too. I just can't escape the stress! So Friday I got home from my little craft show, and Nathan and Celia were just sitting down to dinner. I sat down with my Chicken McNuggets, and joined them. After a few minutes, Nathan starts telling me about a meeting he had that day. Apparently, things have been wierd for a while. We knew that HUD wasn't happy with their operation, and that they are trying to get rid of what they do. They have apparently reviewed things, and are supposed to make a formal statement this week, basically making what they do illegal. Not such a good thing. The good thing, is that they have lawyers ready to jump the second the formal statement comes out, and hopefully things will be stuck in the courts for a long time. But if not, and things do not go well, he'll be out of a job come January. Now, we were planning on moving in the fall, to space things out a bit (for his comfort, not mine). So...we talked, and came to the conclusion that if this does happen, and he is out of a job before the fall, that we'll just move whenever that happens. Then of course, I start looking around the house, thinking..."if we had to list the house fast, could we?". And of course, the answer is a big, fat NO!!! We have clutter, things to repair, and many things to clean up and organize before we can even consider listing the house. So yesterday was partly spent with me going through the office and going crazy trying to clean up some of the junk. Thankfully Nathan took the hint and started in the bedroom. Which was good- kept him busy, yet out of my way.

Then I start thinking of things that I really don't need to think about. IF we do move in Jan, (which really probably wont' happen), I'd need to find a new OB. And make sure insurance would cover everything. And find a house. And pack up a house while pregnant. The thought is so overwhelming, it kind of freaked me out. And during all this? Nathan is as calm as can be. He isn't even worried, or stressed, or freaking out in any way. He says that it's because his company is so optimistic that things will end up in the courts for quite a while that it won't affect us. I wish I could be that optimistic.