Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nothing says Fall...

Like beef stew and apple pie! So, today- I made an apple pie, and the stew is on the stove bubbling away. It smells SO good in here!! I'm so exhausted, and it's nice to be productive, and be able to relax and enjoy the smells of my labor. I can't wait to eat dinner!

We had planned on going apple picking this weekend, but it looks like we missed it! We went to the local farm website to see what kinds of apples they have, and they're done. It's now all about pumpkins. So, instead, at the grocery store this morning, we grabbed some apples. And I was pleasantly surprised, because they had a bushell of Empire apples! My favorite apples are all NYS apples. They're the best. Most flavor, crisp, sweet, but tart, and just perfect. Cortland, Empire and MacIntosh are my absolute favorites. And last week, they had Cortlands. This week, it was Empires! So, my pie has Empires and a few Granny Smiths. I'm so excited to have it! I wasn't too upset about the apple picking, because I can never get my favorite ones off the trees anyways. This was way better. And with luck, this will be my last year without an abundant supply of my NYS apples. I hope!

Friday was amazing. I got loads of stuff, but actually came home with cash in my pocket. Not just change either...$50 left! I was so proud. It even allowed me to take Nathan and Celia to Fuddruckers for dinner (I totally forgot there was one in Gaithersburg, and it was SO good and SO cheap. Definitely going there again soon!!

Well, I'm off to stir my stew! I'm so glad fall is here! My down comforter went on the bed last night, and I slept SO well!