Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fun weekend.

I'm still very angry that Nathan ended up not coming with us this weekend. But thankfully, it turned out to be fun anyways. We got to my Rachel's place around 11:30, and relaxed a bit. After lunch (yay Panera!), we relaxed a bit more. I prepped my sweet potatoes for the candied yams I'm making today (best in the world!!), and even got to take a nap. It's one of the nice things about seeing friends I don't see very often. They really didn't mind that I was tired and told me to go lay down and they'd watch Celia. In fact, I think they even had some fun. We went over to the Walk after dinner, and had a nice time. It was a bit over 2 miles, and I'm really tired today. But for some reason, I'm feeling better today than I did yesterday. Not sure if all that walking helped stretch things out a bit, or if it's just getting better anyways. Thankfully I'm not as sore today as I thought I'd be. And Celia actually sat in her stroller the entire time...which is a miracle. She hates being in her stroller.

Of course, she woke up at 5:50, so I've been up for a bit, but at least I get to relax today. We may head out and do some shopping while the turkey is cooking. Canadian Thanksgiving is actually tomorrow, but we're celebrating today since everyone has to travel tomorrow. It's a tradition that Rachel started back in Buffalo (since it's so close to Canada, some things we do twice. ;) This way we get to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with our friends, and the American Thanksgiving with our families. And we get to have turkey and all the sides twice! Yeah!

I'm definitely more positive today. I still with Nathan was here to have fun too, but I am having fun without him. And Celia is being surprisingly good, which is really helping. I am not looking forward to driving back tonight, but I have my ultrasound at 8am. Just 24 hours until we find out the sex!! Provided baby cooperates, of course!