Tuesday, June 5, 2007

again with the bloodwork

Just as the bruise on my left arm healed, I had to go in for bloodwork this morning to make sure I ovulated. I can tell you 100% that I did (or else the cramps about 40 hours after the Ovi.drel were in my imagination), so at least waiting for this phone call this afternoon won't be too bad. It's nice that I have a work lunch to go to (birthday celebrations), so that should be fun. The only downside is that we're going for vietnameise food, which I really don't care for. Hopefully they'll have something I can eat.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much for this cycle. When my Estrogen was too high last time, and then the cysts grew, I was just so stressed out! And disappointed. I really want it to work out this time, and at least get to start to stim. The timing for this cycle really sucks, but I still really want things to go right. If I have to miss the lectures I'm giving, my best friend's wedding and our vacation, I'll be fine with that.

On the plus side, I went across the street for lunch yesterday because I had forgotten to pack a lunch after waiting for the stove to arrive, and I ran into another woman in my group. We walked across, and were talking about the changes going on at work. She confided in me that she's expecting, but it was really early, and she had had an early miscarriage last month, so she really wasn't telling people yet. We were just talking about whether she was leaving, and that would be one huge reason to stay (short term disability, FMLA, sick/vacation time). At any rate, I wasn't at all upset. I was really thrilled for her! Maybe a tad bit jealous, but other than that, I was really fine. I guess I'm really coming to terms with everything. And I think being open about it (many of my co-workers now what's going on, as do my family and friends), is really helping me. I don't have to worry about hiding things, and lying (which I don't do well at all, and get really stressed about).

My acupuncture went very well yesterday. I felt incredible during and after, and slept very well last night. I could have slept all morning if it wasn't for my 8am bloodwork appointment. I really like this woman! And she gave me 2 coupons to give to friends for a free consult/first treatment. Very cool! Not that i'm sure who to give them too, but I'll see if I can find anyone. I already tried my hubby, but he's really skeptical, so I doubt that will happen.

And I"m really excited for this friday! My and my hubby's birthdays are both in June (25th and 29th). So, before our cycle got postponed, my friends had been on call to watch Celia on weekends when we may have had the Egg retrieval and embryo transfer. They also tried to get us to go out before then, but timing never worked. Since we're on hold for a bit, they came back and said that we need to go out, that they will watch Celia any time, and to pick the day! So it's this friday, and we're going out for an amazing dinner at the Melting Pot. I love this place, the food is awesome, and it's a great place to go celebrate. I'm thinking every 2ww should be spent this way: lots of acupuncture, a massage (thursday at work), lunches out, dinner out with the hubby at a favorite (expensive) place, buy a new stove, and buy a ton of undyed sock yarn that I can dye up, and buy a pair of perscription sunglasses (I"ve been wanting some for years!)... Yeah. If I do this every 2ww, we'd be in trouble! But at least it's been good, and is helping to keep my mind off the upcoming cycle. I feel good, lower in stress, and ready to start up again! This is a really, really good thing! Hmm...maybe next 2ww can come the new refridgerator? What do you think honey?! ;) More likely will to be to paint the guest room. And maybe the kitchen. For some reason, painting a room really makes me happy.