Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm totally impressed! I just got back from my monitoring appt, and I have some great follicles! She said before she got started that we needed at least 3 over 18 to be able to trigger today (which I mentioned being hopeful for so I didn't have to risk missing my friend's wedding). Right ovary- she counded 3 over 20, and a few more over 18. The left, which has been really sluggish so far (though we weren't sure if it was because it's sluggish or because she can't measure it well because it's been pretty hard to find most times. She found it pretty quickly, and got a few measurements- all over 18 except for 2, which were over 16! She sang the "today is trigger day" song to me (which was so sweet) while she was measuring, and then I sat with a nurse and got "trigger day instructions". Now I get to wait by the phone, and hope my appt. for friday is 12 or later, so I can go to my appointment to have my bridesmaid dress fitted!

Right now I"m way too excited to be nervous about the surgery, but I'm sure that by tonight when I have a time, and know what's going on, I'll be really freaked. But for now, I'm sipping my Caramel Machiatto, eating my blueberry scone, and smiling.