Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crappy mood.

I have no idea why, but today I'm in such a crappy mood! I woke up fine, went off to get my bloodwork and ultrasound done, stopped in at the pharmacy on my way out (it's in the same building as my RE), and got refills on my F and meno.pur, and came home. The second I walk in the door, the hubby informs me that he wants to take our daughter for a walk. Now, this is fine with me since I have work to make up today (since I was out much of last week with a sick kid). The problem comes in when I had mentioned before that I was going to make breakfast. Now it has to be rushed so they can get going. Again, it's fine, so we have cereal. Then, my hubby decides to call his dad and wish him a happy father's day- again, not a problem...until he's on the phone for an hour. Celia's getting restless to go on the walk, and keeps interrupting my attempt at finishing up some powerpoint presentations for a few lectures I'm (maybe) giving in a week and a half. Finally, I call my dad, then my mom/step father, and he's STILL on the phone. I'm banging around, trying to hint to him to GET OFF THE PHONE. Of course, after he gets off, he decides to start the laundry. Again not a problem, just prolonging things, when it's supposed to get up to 90 today. To me a morning walk is before 10. Not after 11. It's already 82 out. I'm really aggrivated because I wanted to take him out for lunch we'll see when they get back.

Just got the call from the REs office, and all is good! My estrogen was at 292, and they want me to stay on the same dose of F and Meno.pur for 2 more nights, and be back tuesday for another check. Fun times. I'm just so tired, crabby. I hope my mood gets better fast, I really hate being bitchy.