Wednesday, June 20, 2007

good friends

Good friends are so hard to come by! Especially as you get older and more involved in your lives. I just received this e-mail from one of my close friends. I was in her wedding a few months back (she and her hubby actually met at our wedding, and they were both in our wedding party...yup- the bridesmaid and best man ended up hooking up. Anyway, Rachel and I met years in college, we were roommates for a while, which was a BAD idea. After the second semester, we were really were on each other's nerves, and I ended up getting an RA job, so I moved out (and then met my hubby when I was his RA...sad, yes).

Anwyay- I just got this e-mail, and I started crying immediately. It's amazing to me, how after all this time, we were able to repair the damage done in college, and remain so close. And the fact that she and her hubby live in Fredericksburg, VA, makes it even better. She's just the best.

"Hi Shelby,

Ok, so I was thinking about it... and I'm so excited for you!!!! See, I know that you've been wanting another child for like forever, and now I think it can really happen... AND I'M SO EXCITED! I know that you will be a great mother again... and I have to admit, I loved your icecream cravings when I was down to visit. I'll be here for you any time you need me!!!

Ok, talk to you later.

:) Rachel"