Monday, June 11, 2007

moving ahead?

I was able to get into my REs office this morning for my Lu.pron evaluation! I was psyched, and I suppose it doesn't hurt that my office is across the street from the REs office. Gotta love location!
Anyways, I'm not really a superstitious person, but sometimes it can be. The last 3 lu.pron evaluations, the bloodwork was taken from the same chair. This time, I went to a different chair. Could be a good sign? Then, I went straight in for the ultrasound, with the tech AND my RE! And while they had trouble finding my left ovary, they did, and there were no obvious cysts on either side. Dr. C said that things looked good, and even if the estrogen is high again, that we'll most likely just go ahead and get started. I'm afraid to jinx it...but tonight I may be giving myself my first stims!