Sunday, June 3, 2007

My girl.

Last night, as we were having ice cream cones for dessert, my husband and I were talking about random stuff. The word "sister" was in there somewhere. My darling daughter pouts at me, and says "I need a sister". Then she looks at us again, and says "I really want a sister............AND a brother!!". I almost choked on my ice cream! Nathan and I were both hysterical. We know that multiples is a real risk, but we've decided that if we are lucky enough to have blasts, that we'll only put 1 in. I really wanted 2, but he after a lot of discussion, I caved and agreed to only put 1 in. Twins would be an amazing blessing, and I stand by that. If we end up doing a day 3 transfer, they can put in as many as they want and I'll be secretly hoping for twins. OK- not so secretly since the hubby reads this blog...but I'd be a little hopeful. It was just so funny that she said that in the way she did. And adorable. She really does want a sibling (or at least yesterday she seems to change day to day), and I really hope we get to give her one.

Still feeling really good after the Acupuncture. I'm tired, but I've been tired since I started the Lu.pron. I'm hoping for a good nap today. After we go buy a new stove. Long story...but strawberry jam overboiling and burning on the stove top was involved. Needless to say, it's not coming clean (I think the glass is scarred or something), and it's the front big I'm going to get a new stove! Yeah!