Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back from vacation!

We had a great time up in the Finger Lakes! Great weather, great food, and lots of relaxing. I've POAS nearly every day, and every one has come up positive faster, and has been darker. I'm finally starting to really believe that I'm pregnant. Now I really wasn't going to POAS at all. I figured I'd wait until we got home from vacation, so I didn't ruin it. But then on sunday when we got into Canandaigua, and we ate dinner, I finished 3/4 of a huge hamburger and ate the fries. Then monday, I was STARVING every time I turned around, and had eaten regularly. Tuesday, I was so exhausted, that I took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon! We were going to grill pizzas for dinner, and I couldn't get the energy to do it. Not that the wasps nest on the grill didn't help that one, but I was definitely tired. I was so relieved when we decided to just go out instead. Then there were the twinges. I remember the odd feeling when I was about 8 weeks pregnant last time, and my uterus would just cramp at odd times. Not badly, just wierdly. Usually when I really had to go to the bathroom, or when I had been laying down and then got up suddenly. That was happening on monday and tuesday too. So when I was at Wegmans, I felt the need to grab a pack of tests and see what happened.

It's so different this time! I'm noticing things a lot sooner. And then there is the fear that it won't work. Last time the second the second line appeared, I jumped up and down, hugged my hubby, and called my mom, my friends, and a few other people. I told friends at work right away. This time I'm terriffied to do it! What if I have a miscarriage? What if something's wrong? I'm hoping that I'll feel better once I hear the Beta numbers on wednesday. But I'm really not sure! I'm so afraid to believe that it's real, because if something happens, I"ll be crushed. We alredy decided not to tell Celia what's going on until I'm visably pregnant. Then there's the nervousness that it could be twins. They put 2 in, we know that at least 1 took. And that the third good embryo made it to freeze. I have no idea what the odds are. I knew the odds of a 2 blast transfer, which we would have opted for 1 (my husband's decision, not mine), but of 2 on a 3-day transfer, I have no idea. I guess we'll find out soon enough. For now, I'm thrilled that I'm pregnant! I'm feeling OK, but really tired. And I'm trying not to stress over the possibility of there being 2 babys in there, but trying to get comfortable with the idea of it being a real possibility. It would be amazing to actually end up with a baby in 9 months! The fun thing, is that he/she will be born around the same time as Celia's birthday, and my wedding anniversary. Very cool! Ok...that was my excitement for today. Now I go back to being guarded. ;)