Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Holy shit.

Yesterday, we went to wegmans for some Wasp spray (there is a wasp nest on my uncle's grill, making it impossible to use, so we decided to kill it. While looking for tylenol (I had a headache, and forgot mine at home), I walked by the pregnancy tests. I grabbed a box, and figured I"d wait until friday to see if anything was happening. So this morning, I wake up and feel the need to at least try, figuring it would still be negative anyways, then I'd know the Ovi.drel was out of my system. So I POAS, and set it on the floor. I wash my hands and go back to it, and it looks like it's still blank, until I pick it up. There was a faint line there!! It got a little darker after a few minutes, but it was definitely there.

Now I've looked online, and tried figuring out how long the Ovi.drel stays in your system, and it looks like it's about 10-12 days after the trigger shot. It's been 14 days since my trigger. 12 days since ER, and 10 days since transfer. I'm not getting too optimistic that it's a real positive yet, but it's at least nice to see that second line!! I have gone back into the bathroom about 100 times and looked at it to make sure it's still there...and it is.

After I saw the second line, I went into the bedroom and had a funny look on my face. I told hubby what I saw, and he grabbed me and hugged me. I think it's the first time through this that I saw how much he really does want this too. It was nice. I still will be taking more tests over the next few days to see if the line gets darker (or goes away). I'm afraid to believe it, but I'll be walking around with a smile on my face today for sure!