Thursday, July 26, 2007


So I'm finally getting used to the idea of twins. It will be quite a ride, but I know that I can handle anything.

The symptoms come on stronger every few days, and this morning, the thought of breakfast made me ill. So I had milk, and some grapes when I got to work. So far so good. Now I'm getting hungry, which is great. But I have NO idea what I want!! Thankfully I work right across the street from this fabulous plaza with a ton of restaurants. But nothing sounds good! Then everything sounds good! I could go to Mamma Lucia for pizza, an Asian place (has Japanese, Chineese and Thai), Cheeburger Cheeburger, Panera, Wing Stop, Moby Dick, Chipotle, Jerry's Subs and Pizza, or Safeway for food. And of course, Krispy Kreme or Starbucks for coffee/sweets. I can tell you right now, this pregnancy is a lot like my last in the form of cravings. Last time I couldn't go into Chipotle or any Chineese places because of the smell of the food. It killed my appetite on contact. The other day we had Baja Fresh for lunch, and realized that the same thing is happening. Something about the smell of chargrilled chicken that makes me feel pretty crappy. I think today will be a slice of pizza from Mamma Lucia. I love their pizza, and love that I can just grab a slice or two for under $5, and I'll be stuffed when I'm done eating. It's just so hot, that walking across the street does not sound like fun. But this morning, I couldn't find anything appetizing in my entire house.

Anyway, aside from the food issues, I'm still exhausted. I closed my eyes last night after dinner (I was supposed to give Celia a bath and put her to bed), and ended up passed out. Celia woke me up around 7 to take a bath with her. Thankfully I talked her into taking a shower instead. Much faster. Nathan and I have been needing to sit and talk, and figure out what the heck to do, but I passed out before I had the chance to even think about it.

Here is the big stuff:
We need a mini van. I've done the research, and found that the Honda Odyssey is the one we're going to get. But I can't make a decision like that without showing him why my research is going that way. Aside from the fact that we both drive Hondas now and love them, it really seems to be one of the better mini vans to buy used.

We need to figure out if I'm going to be able to stay home with the babies after they are born. Or if we need to hire a nanny. Or what to do? Part of me thinks I'd go nuts being a stay at home mom. The other part of me wants to actually raise the children I've worked so hard to have. I don't want someone else doing my job. Financially- what's possible?

Again financially- Do we stay in the DC area? Or do we move back up to Western New York? It will be a huge challenge not having family close by (my SIL and her hubby lives about an hour and a half away, and after that, the nearest family is a 7 hour drive). However, I have friends who have already offered to help. And my SIL said that she'd be around as much as we needed her to be. She's just amazing!

Then there's loads of small things flying thru my head. I have no idea how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking. Then I realize that we havne't seen heartbeats yet. We dont' know if both gestational sacs are viable. I hope they are, but there's always that chance. There's no sense in worrying about it until we know everything. I've alwyas been a proactive person though, I need to have a plan. Realistically, we have 8 months before the babies come. 8 months to make some pretty big decisions. I have no idea what we're going to do, but it will be an interesting ride.