Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good start.


My weekend started off well yesterday! My hubby and I went to lunch, and as we were ordering, my cell rang with the results. My nurse was so happy to tell me that my beta doubled, exactly, which is great! After lunch, we went to see "The Order Of The Phoenix", which was absolutely fabulous! I loved it, and thought it was extremely well done. After that, we picked up Celia, and went to a friend's house in Damascus, where we had dinner and went to a local parade, and fireworks! It was Celia's first time seeing fireworks, and she really loved them. There's nothing like seeing a kid experience something like Fireworks for the first time, I was nearly in tears watching her. I truly hope that all of you get to have that experience soon. There's really nothing like it. Then today we ran errands, which was so productive, but exhausting. We got Celia her haircut (she has been wanting one since I got mine done at the lake last week). It took 3 stores to find her water shoes that are closed toe (impossible to find, let me tell you!), so she can participate in splash day at day care. Apparently they won't let the kids participate without them, and the only place I found them that were closed toe were at Stride rite. At least they were on sale.

Enough kid on to symptoms.

Something wierd I've noticed- my "morning sickness" really isn't in the morning. It's in the evening. If anything, I'm famished in the morning, and can eat tons of food. But by dinner time, I really don't want to eat. I actually had to force myself to eat dinner tonight, and I"ve been pretty blech since then. And I'm exhausted all the time. We were possibly getting together with my inlaws today (they're going to Assateague Island in Maryland, and wanted to hook up. I was pretty sure I wasn't going so I could relax and run some errands, but thankfully it never materialized. My MIL wouldn't commit to a time, or place (either Harrisburg or Baltimore...that's quite a big difference, WTF!!). I like to have plans settled for a weekend in advance so I can plan. I have limited time to do things, and I can't just "wait and see" what may or may not happen. Errands need to be run, food needs to be bought, yardwork/housework needs to be done, and we all need a little down time. Last night, after 9, they finally decided to just skip it. I just don't have the time/patience to deal with that crap right now. Sorry if I'm sounding bitchy, it just really pisses me off when people expect us to drop everything for a whole morning/afternoon to do something, that would involve us driving 3 hours round trip (a week after spending 7 hours in the car), for an hour. There are 2 ways to get to where they were going. If they really wanted to see us, they could have taken the one that drives RIGHT BY OUR FUCKING HOUSE. At least I got my weekend back. And today was so productive, that it makes up for the flip/flopping of when/where to meet. Ok...I obviously need to go to bed, I'm being a complete asshole.