Sunday, July 29, 2007

new clothes.

Yesterday I ended up going shopping for some new clothes. My "regular" clothes are all too tight, with the exception of 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of jeans, and a few shirts. I hit a few stores, and got a few things, plus a maternity shirt and shorts. And, today I spent a few hours going thru my closet, getting a bunch of stuff ready to donate, toss out the things that aren't wearable, and organize a bit better. It looks fantastic. And in the process, I pulled out my maternity clothes and washed them all. I didn't remember half of what I had, so it was good. I'm glad I got a cute short sleeved top and shorts. Everything I have is long sleeve and jeans, with the exception of 3 t-shirts. The downfall to being pregnant and showing in the late fall/winter is that you can't find any cute short sleeved tops. They're all solid colors and boring. I think I may have to place an order at or for a few as soon as their summer stuff goes on sale. If I'm already out of most of my regular clothes, I'm sure the maternity stuff isn't too far behind. And it's still HOT here in September/October.

Yesterday morning I looked at a 2004 Honda Odyssey. It was really nice, fully loaded with DVD, navigation system, leather seats, really beautiful. Not sure if we need all the bells and whistles though. And it had some stains in the carpet and usual wear and tear. I am such a snob about cars. I've always had new cars. My first real car was a new saturn that I leased in grad school. Then came my Honda CR-V, which I LOVE. Again, new. I have always had issues with other peoples things, and a car is so personal. It just really grosses me out to be driving someone elses car. But we really can't afford a new one, unless we stretch a bit. I'm trying to get used to the idea of a used car. Really! I've just been lucky so far. Thankfully my car is in great shape (just a little dirty), so I should get a good trade for it. But not enough to make a new car easy. Thankfully I just got a bonus at work, (I've been there for 5 years), so that will go towards the mini van. Anyway, I still want to check out a Toyota Sienna, and see how that one is. They seem to be rated the highest on Consumer Reports.

I'm so nervous about the ultrasound tomorrow. Really nervous. I'm terrified that the sacs will be empty. Or that they won't have heart beats. I just hope that I didn't jinx myself by washing all of my maternity clothes, and being so optimistic.