Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yes garlic. Some people love it, others hate it. I tolerate it pretty well. It has its place. I love me some garlic salt on popcorn. And a little garlic in some dishes. But when there are big chunks in it, or it's something overly garlic-y (like garlic mashed potatoes), I really dislike it. When I was pregnant with my daughter, by the time the second trimester started, I coudn't stand to be in the vicinity of garlic. That included in its raw, cooked, or breath form. My poor husband would go out for chineese food, and I would run away from him. Yell at him to open the windows in the car when I was with him (it was that potent!), cringe if he breathed on me, and push him over once he was asleep so he wouldn't contaminate my pillow. It was really bad. And I could smell garlic on him for DAYS after he had eaten it. Literally, days. After I had my daughter, that went away for the most part, but in all honesty, strong garlic smell was never something I was fond of, and was always sensitive to.

Yesterday, as I was walking briskly to the restroom (darn that bottle of orange gatorade!), I noticed the overpowering odor of garlic coming from an office down the hall. I walked by, held my breath, and made it into the bathroom without any issues. Thank goodness I am not a puker (at least not yet!). It was BAD. Then, last night, my husband came in and was telling me about his meeting at work, and he gave me a kiss. Wow did it knock my socks off! And not in a good way. I told him it was again time to avoid garlic, and he was confused- he had only had pizza for lunch. Poor guy, it's so early in the pregnancy, and I'm already repulsed by garlic (which means him by association). Blech. It's funny though. Because some people can eat a whole head of garlic, and be fine. My poor hubby will eat a clove, and it will stay with him for days. I wish I knew why that happened!