Friday, July 27, 2007


I feel SO bloated today. I ended up having Panera for lunch today (french onion soup and half a grilled cheese...YUMMY!). The person in charge of internships at work was out today, and she asked me to sit in on the college intern's lunch, which is brown bag. So I figured the best place to go was Panera! And just my luck, no one had food with them at the lunch, so we just went around the room and chatted a bit, and I let them go early. I had a few questions for them, but there were supposed to be like 15 people, not just 4! At least I did it, and it was nice to see how much they really are benefiting from the internship.

Anyway, talk about a change of subject! I'm sitting here, working away, and my stomach feels like it's growing every minute. Since I had my C-section with my daughter, parts of my abdomen are numb. Not comletely, but if you scratch it, it just feels a little numb and tingly. It's very strange to have the bloating pushing against a numb abdomen. It will be really cool to see what it feels like once the babies are moving!

I'm SO glad it's friday. I'm spending most of the weekend relaxing, sleeping, and relaxing some more. Nice and peaceful. I can't wait!!! Then monday is the sonogram. At 10:30. I'm nervous about it, but looking forward to it too.