Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Exciting times

While I'm a little sad about the loss of #2, I'm pretty relieved that baby#1 is thriving! I'm just so relieved to know that he/she has a heartbeat. First of many steps. I'm so glad that my OB was able to squeeze me in for monday already. Nathan decided he doesn't think he'll be useful, so he's going to let me go it alone. Which is fine with me. I'll be insisting on another ultrasound soon, so he'll go to that. I hope. I'm trying to see the good side of all of this. Thankfully we'll have 1 baby...provided all else goes well. 1 is easier than 2. 1 is less expensive than 2. 1 does not require a new vehicle. 1 will be easier on me and he/she during the pregnancy. 1 will be easier on Celia once he/she gets here. 1 baby is a lot easier to nurse than 2. While I'm not completely insistent on nursing (it was a horrible experience with Celia), I'd like to try it again. Plus it helps with the risk of gestational diabetes. The Metformin can help reduce that chance, but wtih twins, and twice the placentas, that would be much harder to avoid. See, lots of positive things!

I think this will be best for all of us. And, even though I'm NOT very religious, I do believe, or at least hope that, there is a God, and that he/she knows best.

Since we had great ultrasound photos, and the tech did a fabulous job of creating them for us (yup, she put text on the images, so we have little messages from baby). One of them was specifically for Celia, and it said "Hi Celia! Will you be my big sister??"
So last night, I put it in a small frame, and wrapped it up. After her snack, we gave her the picture to open, and explained what was going on. She was so excited! She kept saying that she's going to have a brother. Not a sister, but a brother. And keeps referring to the baby as "he" and a "boy" and "my brother!!". She asked to see where the baby is, so I showed her my belly, and she said that she couldn't see it yet. Really cute. This morning, "grabbed" something from my belly, and pretended that she was running around holding her brother. It was absolutely adorable. I'm not sure she really gets it, but it was so much fun to tell her what was going on. And now this explains why I won't pick her up and why I'm so tired.