Thursday, August 2, 2007

Evil* friends!

I love my friends, really- I do! They are awesome. They've really been there for me, and have been amazing.

That is, until today. It's not bad, just funny/annoying! My friend e-mails me (and a few other of us), and explains how they had a firedrill at work. And that it was SO hot outside, they decided to walk over to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. She then goes on to tell us that she had the Cake Batter (my favorite), with M&Ms (I could take or leave them). But that it was so yummy and nice and refreshing, even if it was melted by the time they got back to the office. I had eaten my lunch just before that. It was a pathetic piece of banana bread, some grapes and a chocolate pudding. Not very filling. And I was still hungry. ;( I e-mailed her, joking, that I new had to have cold stone, but it was 20 minute away, and that pregnancy and the power of suggestion are extrememly powerful.

I e-mailed her back, and said that if she mentined Pickles or anchovys as mix-ins, would I want that too? Yuck. Then another friend chimes in that she had a McDonalds ice cream sundae for lunch. Then, my other evil, evil friend said that a drug rep had brought in lunch from Panera, and that she was eating Broccoli Cheese soup and a baguette (her dad is a Dr, and she works for him in the summer- she's a teacher and has summers off). Let's just say, I made it about an hour, before I ran across the street, to brave the heat and get me some broccoli cheddar soup and a baguette! Let me tell you how good it was! Best soup I've ever had, really! Next time my friends talk about what they're having for lunch, I'm going to just have to not read teh e-mails until the next day. I was surprised at how instantly I HAD to have the soup. And the ice cream (though that one didn't happen).

And tonight I'm off to a happy hour for a friend who is leaving my institute. I'm sad that she's leaving, but it's such a great opportunity for her. Just sucks that one of the few people I do lunch with occaisonally is leaving. It will be at Guapos, a great local Mexican chain. I love their margaritas. It will be SO hard to not have one, when everyone else is. I'll sit with a sprite or lemonade, so I can at least haave something other than water. And I"m so getting the queso. It's awesome. Truly awesome.

*Evil really means wonderful, amazing, loving, bestest friends ever!! Ha. ;)