Monday, August 6, 2007

First OB visit

This morning, at 9:15, I had my first appointmnet. I was quickly reminded the necessity of getting one of the first appointments, and sat in the office for 45 minutes before going back to the nurse. I really wish I had brought my knitting with me!

Anyway, they took loads of blood (and now I hurt like hell- she got the usual vein, but moved the needle when getting one of the tubes filled and it HURT. Then she coudln't get any more out of it. Hopefully it was enough! Anyway, weight was good, I have not gained anything since after the retrieval, which is awesome. Just annoying that none of my clothes fit. Not even a pound to make up for it!

After that, I sat in the office and waited for my OB for a pre-exam chat. We talked for about 20 minutes, which was good. He wanted to confirm with my RE about staying on metformin during the pregnancy. Apparently there are many different schools of thought on it and we'll see. He should call this afternoon and let me know when he hears back. The other thing he recommended was the 12 week first trimester screening ultrasound, where they really look and see how things are going. Make sure there aren't any Downs markers, or anything else. At that point, we'll know for sure whether the second sac is going away, or if it caught up. That appointment is on Aug. 27th, so just a few weeks until that one. The week after that, I'll go back for OB appt. #2. I guess it's been offered before to women over 35, but recently the powers that be (ACOG?) gave the recommendation that it be offered to all patients. And since I'm really wanting to make sure all is well with the baby, and I don't want to go another 10-12 weeks without an ultrasound, I jumped at the chance. So, 3 more weeks, and I get my next scan. Yeah!

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty crappy actually. I'm exhausted. And food aversions are really kicking in, full steam ahead. I almost cried when my daughter woke up at 4, crawled into bed and then tossed/turned and kept kneeing me in the back until 5. Then we took her upstairs, she flipped out, and came back down and finally calmed down around 5:30. Did I mention tha tI'm exhausted?? And the food aversions are really awful. I can't eat much of anything. I've successfully eaten (and not wanted to gag on) McDonalds cheeseburgers and fries, Panera cheddar/broccoli soup, grilled cheese, cheese pizza, and chicken fingers. That's it. Anything else, is just bad. Like the smell makes me want to gag. Friday and Saturday nights, poor Nathan cooked dinner, while I sat in the family room downstairs and read, or watched TV or knit, because the smell of the food was just really horrible. Spaghetti sauce- not a good thing. Chicken- not good. Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant. I just hate feeling like any second, I'm going to toss my cookies.

OH, and on a good note- I read the list of "safe" over the counter medicines that my doc gave me. And two are on there that I expected to be banned! Claritin- yay for allergy meds being safe! And Colace. If the constipation gets bad again, I'm all over that. I have a huge bottle from my egg retrieval. I'm a happy girl!