Monday, August 20, 2007

Great times!

Most of the weekend was pretty busy. We went to the Montgomery County fair Saturday, I took a nap, and we grabbed dinner at CFA. Cheap and easy- and they have the best lemonade I've had in a long time, so I bought a gallon to bring home. YUM!

Sunday was more relaxed. My hubby deserves an award for yesterday. My DD decided to come in and wake me at 7:45 and ask me if she could go to the birthday party that we were invited to. Silly girl. So Nathan then made pancakes while I got up, and after breakfast, which was really good btw, I went into the guest room (didn't have the energy to go back downstairs to our room), and slept for 2 more hours. After I got up, I went grocery shopping. By myself! Which is one of the little pleasures I rarely get. It was fantastic. Then I gave my hubby a few hours off and I took kiddo to the party. She had so much fun, and was absolutely adorable. She let me put pig-tails in, which are so cute! She looks like such a big girl in pig tails! The party was at Little Gym, so she had a blast! She loves gymnastics.

Last night was the best part! I had SO much fun!! I met up with the DC ladies at the Melting Pot, and it was incredible! There were 6 of us, which was a great number for fondue. And the conversation was top notch, as always! I had so much fun, just relaxing, being myself, and having some incredible food! I'm already looking forward to the brunch in September! Sorry to those of you who planned on coming but didn't make it. You were all missed!!