Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life insurance, and other things.

It's important, right?? I've got plenty of coverage, just to make sure that hubby and Celia would be taken care of if something happened to me. My husband? Not so much. He switched jobs over a year and a half ago now, and he still only has the limited coverage they give him. Which is only like twice his salary. And you're supposed to have 8-10 times your salary for the main breadwinner. Yeah. We had words last night. I've brought it up several times. Even handed him brochures from our credit union and asked him to look into it. He seems to think it's not important, because we won't end up using it- why pay for it? But WHAT IF??!! I'd have to sell the house, and move in with my mom (who would be oh so thrilled, I'm sure!) temporarily. We'd have nothing. I think that's a huge problem!! It tells me, that he just doesnt' care what happens to us if something were to happen. Now I know that's not true, but I cant' help but feel that way. He better deal with this soon, especially with another one on the way! Men are so annoying sometimes. I swear, sometimes I married a 12 year old boy, who needs his hand held thru EVERYTHING!

So I went to bed mad, and had some awful dreams. Definitely not good. Two of them involved my next ultrasound. The first, was bad. I was on the table, they tilt the screen to me, and see the little baby, with the heartbeating. Then, she goes to measure the heartbeat, and suddenly it starts to slow, from 178, to 150, to 121, to 70, to 30, to 10, to 0. And it stays at 0. I was in tears when I woke up. I hate dreams like that. I had to take a minute to convince myself that it really didn't happen. Then there was the second one, which was different. The baby was completely fine, and at 11 weeks, it showed a very obvious penis. This is the first dream I've had where it says anything about the sex. And last time, every dream I had about the baby, it was a girl. So we'll see. It may also be Celia's insistence that we're having a boy...and nothing but a boy. She's too funny. Anyways, the dream was just horrible, and I still cant' shake the feelign that something is wrong. Though I have no evidence to back it up, so I'm trying to ignore it. Yeah, right!

When I picked Celia up from day care yesterday, she was playing with some other kids. So her teacher showed me a picture that she drew today in class. They all were drawing a picture of their families. She first drew me and Nathan, then her baby brother, then herself. It was way too cute! She, Nathan and I were all full sized, and the baby was a little round blob with arms and legs. Too cute!! She kept telling her teacher that it didn't have arms and legs at first, but it does now. How the heck does she know that!! I never told her that much. She just asked me the other day how big the baby was, and I told her it was the size of a grape. What kids come up with I will never understand.

And on another random note, I woke up twice last night, STARVING. I almost got up and had some crackers (I actually had some in our room), but I didn't want to wake up that much. In the end, I should have. Because I woke up absolutely famished. I had a whole grain bagle from Panera, and I'm already starving again. At least I'm not nauseous!