Monday, August 13, 2007

Thai food = BAD IDEA

So on Saturday, after we took the kiddo to the library to play for an hour, I decided that I couldn't quiet my craving for spring rolls. Not just any spring rolls, but thai ones. So, off we went to the Rio, and headed to Tara Thai. We ordered spring rolls, Nathan got a chicken dish, and I got my favorite- Panang Beef. The spring rolls were SO good...I could have eaten 3 orders my self. Then came the beef. It was really good too! It's my fave. I order Panang Beef or Chicken any time I go out for Thai food. But then came the bad part. Thankfully there was no puking involved, but it was bad. It sat like a brick in my stomach for hours. The smell was awful (even thought I brushed my teeth several times and used mouthwash when I got home). My head was a mess, and my stomach was bad. So I slept. For 2 hours, I slept. And it was fabulous! I finally ate a grilled cheese sandwich around 9. Mmmm, with fave.

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower, and it was so much fun! My old neighbor (both she and I moved to single family houses from our townhouses a few months apart), is having a boy in September, and it was SO good to see her! She lost a little girl to Trisomy 18 about 2 years ago, when she was 15 or so weeks pregnant. This baby is completely healthy, and all seems to be going so well. I coudln't be happier for her!! No one was sure whether she'd try again, and this time it took her nearly a year to conceive. She had the appointment scheduled at Super Giant Fertility, and was ready to go when she ended up pregnant. She was just glowing yesterday, and her 7 year old son is SO excited about his new baby brother. Too cute!