Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I've never even considered trying acupuncture before the whole IVF thing started. When I started seeing all of the bloggers out there doing it, I figured it was worth a shot. So I went. After I got my BFP, I continued to go, though much less frequently (once every 2 weeks, instead of twice a week). Monday, I was so exhausted after work, that I almost skipped it, but since I would have had to pay anyways, I dragged myself there. Figured I could at least sleep for an hour while I was there. It was a different woman today, because the usual woman was on vacation. And she really took the time to get to know me first, get an idea of what I needed, and went to work. She really felt my pulses, and placed the needles accordingly. I had really stressed how nauseaus I was, and just awful feeling in general. I have NO idea what the heck she did, but that night, I met Nathan and Celia at 5 guys for dinner (I called on my way, they had just gotten there after their dentist appointments, so I had him order me a llittle cheeseburger and a sprite). I ate almost 3/4 of the burger, without a problem. The smell from the grill didn't make me want to gag. I was shocked. The real surprise came later. My darling daughter didn't close the refridgerator that morning when she got her yogurt out. The bottom drawer (where we keep her yogurt so she can reach it) was open, and the door was wide open. Everything in the fridge was spoiled (with the exception of some gatorade, juice boxes, and a salad dressing that hadnt' been opened yet. When Nathan dealt with the food in leftover containers, the smell didnt' make me sick. I couldn't believe it!! Yesterday, I was fine. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a few snacks, with no issues at all. Today- no nausea at all. I'm amazed!! I can't wait to go back in 2 weeks now. She really let me bake too- I fell asleep, and apparently she checked on me twice, and I was out cold, so she let me go a little longer.

Seriously though- if you end up with morning sickness, or just horrible nausea, GO TO ACUPUNCTURE!! It will save you. I was a skeptic, but it really works.