Thursday, August 9, 2007


I just feel horrible today! I woke up head-achey for the fourth day in a row. Which I can live with, but I'm so exhausted, and feel like I didn't sleep at all last night. Then there's the nausea. It's not as bad as the other day, but it's sort of there. The headache is the worst part. Tylenol is doing nothing. I just feel really awful today! So awful, that I'm working from home today. I couldn't stand the thought of going out in the heat, driving in the bright light, to sit at my desk all day miserable. And tired. And cranky. And....just blech! I realy hate head aches. Have I said that yet??

Anyway, I'm taking it easy today.

Yesterday, I heard from the OBs office about whether or not to continue on the Metformin. I never even thought anything about it, because my GP said that it was safe during pregnancy, and not to worry about stopping it. I mentioned monday at my OB appt that I was taking 1500mg per day, and he was shocked that the RE had me stay on it thru the IVF and everything. They never mentioned anything about it to me, and since they recommended I take it, and knew I was on it, that I was just supposed to keep taking it. I'm not at all upset, since it does upset my stomach a bit. Needless to say, the OBs office called me at work, my cell, and finally got me at home around 4:45 yesterday, to tell me to stop taking it now. That my OB heard back from my RE, they chatted about it, and decided it would be best to stop it. Hmm.. I stopped taking it now, but think it's odd. Why would my GP say it's OK to take if it's not? She also said something about it possibly helping reduce the risk of developing Gestational Diabetes again. Guess that's out the window now. Bummer! And maybe that's part of why I'm feeling so crappy? I reduced my estrogen pills on sunday, and stopped the Metformin yesterday. And it's going to be like 96 again, and it's so humid out there! I do notice that the headache is WAY worse outside, so maybe the heat does have something to do with it. Bah humbug. I'm definitely staying inside today. Unless I venture to the drive thru for lunch. We'll see if anything in the fridge looks appetizing, and if not, McDonalds- here I come! What is it about McDonalds cheeseburgers (with ketchup only), that are SO amazing? I have no idea, but they are damn good.