Tuesday, August 21, 2007

no power = no sleep

At about 4:30 this morning, the power blinked. The only reason I know it is because the answering machine (which is up in the kitchen) beeps really loudly when it resets. So I heard it, heard Nathan reset the alarm (after telling me he was going to turn on the light and to close my eyes- I told him that if he valued his life he'd do it without light. Thankfully he did.

Anyways, after finally starting to settle down, it went in and out a few times before finally going out, probably around 5. Of course, I was hesitant to fall asleep again, if the answering machine was just going to wake me up again when the power came on, so I didn't sleep well from then on in. And of course, the power didn't come back on. So we got up, got dressed (thank goodness I showered last night!), and we headed to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. One thing I never do when power is off for more than a half hour, is open the fridge. I don't want to let the cold air out, and risk having to replace a whole fridge of food (again!!! I just did this 2 weeks ago!). So we had donuts, and headed to work a little early. Celia just didn't understand why none of the lights worked. She kept asking us to turn on different lights (in the closet, her room, the bathroom), and finally seemed to understand what was going on. Thankfully the power company was on it, and we drove by them working away on the way to breakfast. Thankfully Celia's day care was open, and had power.

And unfortunately, I'm now completely exhausted, and I've only been at work for an hour. I have a meeting at 10, that I really have to be coherent for, which is going to be extremely difficult. Thank goodness I didn't give up caffeine- because I'll be having at least a cup or two of tea today.