Sunday, August 26, 2007

1 more day.

Of absolute hell! Seriously- my body is completely screwing with me. Friday was fine, no more spotting. Yesterday I got up, took my kiddo out for breakfast, and got back with a horrible stomach ache. Went to the bathroom, no problems. An hour later, ...sorry for the TMI...there was a brown streaked mucus. After about an hour, it was more clear with a hint of yellow/orange, then an hour later, clear. And it was clear all day. I know some clear stuff is normal, and I did have a pelvic exam at the OB yesterday so the brown didn't freak me out too much. But it was a lot, and snotty in consistency. Just wierd. So after last night, just a tiny bit of clear. This morning, I had breakfast, 2 fried eggs, which I love, but usually upset my stomach, and today was no exception. After a nice episode of the eggs going straight through me, I wiped, and there was teh brown mucus again. Now I'm trying really hard not to read anything into it. I didn't exactly take it easy yesterday. We ended up losing power at 2:30, and it was getting hot in the house, so we ran up to the mall so I could hit Old Navy for a few shirts. We walked a bit, went to dinner in Rockville at Chili's, since we were already down 270, we figured we'd take advantage and to a place was there, instead of the usuals in Germantown. After that, we hit Buy Buy Baby, which is the mecca of baby stuff, and Celia loved it. She kept walking around saying that we had to get "towels for baby, jammies for baby, bibs for baby," etc. So we let her pick a sleeper and a towel out for the baby. It was so cute, I was nearly in tears before we left the store. Anyway, we got home, to no power still. Power company expected it to be on by 7:24 (gotta love how precise they are), and then it changed to later, and finally got power back at 9 or so. So we rested last night, went to bed early, but I still think walking around a mall yesterday wasn't the best idea. At any rate...this discharge, is really annoying. While I don't feel like anything else has changed, it's making me nervous. Thank goodness I only have 22 hours until my u/s. I'll feel much better, or worse, then. I just want to know why the heck my body is screwing with me?!

Ok...enough venting. Hope everyone has a good Sunday!