Monday, August 27, 2007

And now I can breathe!

Had my first trimester screening this morning, and so far, all looks fabulous! Dr. H is absolutely fantastic- can't go wrong with a doc who has PCOS, has 3 kids, and only had GD with her first pregnancy. She was able to fight it off both other pregnancies. AND, her hubby is an endocrinologist. I think I'm in Doc love! She's wicked smart, up to date on all the latest stuff, and is really no non-sense.

Here's what we got out of the meeting:
Ultrasound- all looks great. Heartrate was 151, measuring at 11w3d, a day ahead.
Risk of Downs: 1:7044
Risk of Trisomy 13/18: 1:6781
And that's without adding in the bloodwork they sent off today.
As far as GD goes: Yeah, she feels that taking me off Met.formin probably wasn't the best thing. BUT, she put me on Gly.buride instead, which I took during my last pregnancy, and it didn't upset my stomach. That's such a plus!
I got a script for a new One Touch monitor- so I get to test 4 times a day. Oh goodie!
I'm glad I mentioned that my fasting blood sugar is usually around 100- she was not happy with this, and said it was WAY too high, and we need medication now to get that in check. That keeping the bs lower, is much better for baby, and will help decrease the risk that he/she will have diabetes later. This was a huge concern of mine, considering I did have GD before, so I'm glad we're keeping a close eye on it.
I also have a script for more bloodwork- called Hemo.globin Alp.ha C1, which will also be a sign of how my sugars are doing, really. Especially now that I'm not taking the metformin. And I'm getting my thyroid checked. It's been over a year, and my mom has Hashimotos Thyroiditis, so it's a real concern for me.

So I'm very happy. Baby is healthy, as best as we can tell, and I'm thrilled.

The spotting: She said it's most likely due to the dissolving of the second sac. The second embryo and yolk sac have all been dissolved, so all that's left now is the sac. This is really good news. I was really hoping that it was the case, but you really never know.

Thanks for all of your comments over the past few days. I've been out of my mind with worry, and Dr. Google can be really great, but really evil sometimes.