Thursday, December 20, 2007

another peek

Today I had my ultrasound with the high risk doc, and my OB appointment! Baby boy has gotten a lot bigger since last time, he is now measuring in at approximately 2 pounds 7 ounces! What a big guy! Everything else looked perfect, except for the fact that he's breech. Not that I had any hopes for a VBAC (I was pretty sure I didn't want to attempt it), but it would have been nice to have the option there! I am glad however that he isn't transverse anymore. That was getting quite uncomfortable. I thought I felt him rotate a bit last week, and I'm glad that I was right. However it's a very good thing we got a peek 4 weeks ago! Otherwise we'd have not been able to find out the gender. Something about my uterus and babies butts like being jammed way down at the bottom. At any rate, she was very happy with my ultrasound, and the fact that my sugars have been way better. Not perfect, but usually it's because I've been bad. Like tuesday morning, yes I did have to have that banana with breakfast!!

My OB's visit was short and sweet. While I didn't get stuck for the glucose screen, I did get stuck for an antibody check. I'm Rh negative, so they need to check my antibody level so I can get my rho.gam shot. I should have the results tomorrow morning, so hopefully the shot can happen tomorrow afternoon. The only annoying thing is that even though I work RIGHT across the street from Sha.dy Gr.ove hospital, I have to drive all the way over to for the shot. Hopefully it won't be too busy tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise I'll just wait until wednesday next week.

Celia is feeling a bit better. Her cough is awful still, but at least she's not feeling as sick as she did yesterday. She hasn't been resting as much today. Yesterday the entire day was spent resting on the couch with me. It was really nice. I hate it when she's sick, but it's so nice when she curls up with me and rests. Not something she normally does often at all. Thankfully my throat is a bit better today too, so hopefully it's going to disappear on it's own.