Friday, December 7, 2007

sucky day

Yesterday afternoon was busy!! I had 2 meetings, back-to-back, which can always be stressful. The first was a "Communications" meeting, which is basically an all hands meeting, to clear up some of the rumors going around. There are always rumors going around, and we never know what to believe, so it's nice to have these meetings once in a while. The president was there and did most of the talking. Including telling us that we'll all be receiving a copy of his new autobiography next Thursday if we show up to work. And that they'll all be signed copies. I'm glad I didn't go buy one, since I thought about it. I may not always love what I do, but it is pretty cool work.

Anyways, after the all hands meeting, we had a meeting within my group, which is now just 7 of us. It was good to find out some of the other things going on, but a little upsetting at the same time. I was hoping to get through to my Maternity leave without any major changes to my every day job, and it looks like that may not happen. Not exactly great news. But we'll see how things go. I'm open to anything at this point. I just can't wait for my maternity leave to start...I so need a break from all of the drama!