Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yesterday was the annual "drink and bake" with some friends, and we had some fun!! We got started around 9:30, and made 10 different types of cookies. I made only 3, but didn't feel so badly about that, since I was exhausted and had to sit down and take a lot of breaks. Plus with one oven it's hard to coordinate baking times, temps, and the like with 3 people. I left a bunch of dough I did the night before for this morning. All of the cookies were amazing! And most of them were new recipes (with the exception of 2 of mine...I always do Andes Candies/Milk chocolate chip cookies, and cut-out butter cookies. After baking, the three of us headed to Carrabbas, for a nice dinner out after our long day of baking. The food was amazing as always, I love it there!!

Today I did a little more baking and may do some more this afternoon. But I'm so exhausted, that I may just put it off until next weekend. But we'll see how the days goes. I definitely need a nap. I thankfully was able to ask Nathan to head to Target this morning to get the last few things for Celia, and do the grocery shopping. I also asked him on the way out if he'd mind bringing home drive-thru for lunch. Don't care where, as long as I get something to eat that I don't have to prepare. Especially since I'm making Chili for dinner.

Later, I'll post a pic of all the cookies we made yesterday. Thankfully they'll make some great gifts!