Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh what fun!

Celia's 4th christmas was an absolute blast!! I woke up to hit the bathroom around 6:15, and heard her wake up around 6:30, singing. She was singing "Jingle Bells" very quietly from her bed. It was absolutely precious! We waited for her to get up, which didn't happen until 7:20! I walked into her room around then, and she jumped up out of her bed, and asked if Santa came. When I said that he did, she squeeled and jumepd into my arms. It is one of those memories I hope I never, ever forget. She had fun opening her stocking, and actually took a break for some almond danish while Nathan got the webcam/skype up and running so his family could watch the festivities. Celia loved being able to see everyone, and showing everyone her presents. We all were spoiled rotten too, which is always fun! Santa brought Celia a bike, a sled ("the biggest sled ever!"), some legos, matchbox cars, and a few other things. She loved it all! Nathan got me a speaker system for my ipod, so I can have music where ever I want without having to use headphones. This will be very useful for when I'm dyeing, beading, cooking, or just want to rock out in the shower. I'm REALLY excited about that! I also got the knitting needle attatchments that I wanted from KnitPicks. Last year he got me the interchangable needle set, and since then they've come out with a new set with wooden tips. The nice thing, is that the metal and wood needle tips work on all cables, so I've now got some wooden tips, and also some new DPNs for more sock knitting. I swear, I have about 10 pairs of socks on the needles, so I always need more! One other awesome thing we got was from Nathan's parents- they gave us a gift certificate to Melting Pot!! I'm so psyched about this, and we're planning a night out in January to use it up before the baby comes. Especially when our 6th anniversary will be probably just before then (anniversary is March 2, baby will likely come the first week of march). And one of my SILs gave us a blown up picture of Celia that she took. She's an amazing photographer, so it really was quite an impressive gift! My Dad sent us a check so we'll use half for Celia, and split the other half between us. My mom's gifts did arrive, but we're waiting for her to get here on Saturday to open them. Much more fun that way!

Today I got some work done, but thankfully it was from the comfort of my couch. I love being able to login and be able to work from home once in a while. I did take a detour to the hospital to get my Rhogam shot. Gotta love being O negative. At least the wait wasn't too bad, and the shot didin't hurt at all- it was an IM and the nurse did it fast and easy. Before she did it, she asked if I was ready- I almost laughed and said that it was just another of many IM shots I've had in this pregnancy, but I resisted. I also got my hair done the other day. I wanted to go back to my natural color, so I don't have to worry about dealing with highlights when the baby gets here. The stylist suggested dyeing my roots to match the highlights (which totally defeats the purpuse since I'd have to do that regularly to keep it up), or going darker. So, I went darker. And man is it dark!! I know it will fade a bit over the next week or two, but man is it dark! I like it though. It's kind of a shock at first, but it is a lot of fun. I do that every so often- have the need to drastically change my hair. In grad school I cut it SHORT. I've dyed it red several times. This time, I'm going dark brown. My first thought was that it is the color of my cousin M's hair...which I do love. So it's definitely a good change. Just glad I have a few days before I have to hit the office again. Let it mellow out a little first.

I'll try to post pics in a few days. I realized the other day that I haven't posted any belly shots yet! I'll have to change that some time this week. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! New Years is just around the corner. I can't believe it's almost 2008!!! I'm really excited about that because the summer olympics are this year, and I can't wait for Celia to see the gymnists compete!! She's really into gymnastics and it would be fun for her to see what she could do with it if she wants to. Fortunately or unfortunately, she's built for it and she loves it. Not that I'd ever let her compete like that, unless it was something she really wanted for herself.