Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let it snow!

Still feeling like crap, so I was on the fence on whether or not to make it into work today. When I saw the snow, my decision was finalized easily. People around here drive like NUTS in the snow. Like it's the first time they've ever seen the stuff! I was very impressed that the schools in Montgomery county were actually open! We have about an inch now, and it's still coming down in pretty fat flakes. My husband took the kiddo to day care this morning, and headed for work. About 30 minutes later, he called to say I should be glad that I didn't bother going on- 270 was closed going south due to an accident, and traffic was barely moving anywhere. He had just passed the onramp to 270. About a half hour later, he calls back, and says that he finally got to the point where you can turn around, and he did. He had barely moved 1/4 of a mile in a half hour. And apparently 355 was a mess because of all of the 270 bail-out traffic (he works right off of 355, but first has to go down it a few miles). So he got home at 9:15, over an hour after he left the house. Needless to say, he's working at home this morning, and may go in after lunch if necessary, but considering most of the guys he works with have decided to work from home, he likely will stay too.

It really amuses me to see how nutty everyone gets in the snow here. At home, we'd get 8 inches of snow overnight, and it would still be coming down in the morning. We'd brush off our cars, and head to work or class. UB never closes! It takes like 3 feet at a time to get the school to close. And maybe 18 inches to get the districts to close.

I was saying this morning to Nathan, one of the other reasons I really want to move back is because of the snow- the VERY reason I insisted so much on leaving in the first place. As a kid, I used to live for the snow. On weekends, I'd be out in my back yard, playing in the snow, making snow angels, skiing on my cross country skis, building forts, snowmen, and just having crazy fun snowball wars. It was the best! Here, we're lucky if we get enough snow to use a sled once a year. Now, I can't ski (my knees would dislocate if I fell), but the skiing there is fabulous too. I could do the lodge with some knitting and hot chocolate or a hot tottie. I still find it ironic that the very reasons we left are the same reasons we want to go back. Now if only the housing market would cooperate, we won't have to put up with another fall/winter here!