Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bad, bad idea.

Apparently I can't sit up straight for 8 hours without having consequences. Yesterday I worked from home in the morning, and went in around 1 for a meeting at 3. I got into work fine, but within about an hour of sititng upright, I was extremely uncomfortable. I look at the clock, and realize that I had forgotten to take my dose at 1, so I was only an hour late. But man was that bad idea! A half hour later, it was a bit worse, so I took a second dose. Then I went to my meeting. Where I sat upright for just under 2 hours. I could not get comfortable, and had to get up in the middle and go to the restroom (mainly because i needed to not sit for a minute). I got back and the time just dragged. I kept shifting, and leaning back, and sitting up, and moving around because I was just cramping like crazy. But they weren't any worse than they were last week, so I didn't worry about it. That, and I see my OB tomorrow, which I really am looking forward to. After the meeting, they were a little better, I guess the meds finally kicked in and did their job. I went straight home and layed down, which really helped a lot.

Today I'm still sore, and definitley cramping/contracting a bit. I'm glad I'm working from home all day today! And at 4:30, I have an acupuncture appointment. Maybe that will at least help relax me a bit.

And another thing I heard once I got into work- the co-worker who was in the hospital for contractions over the weekend? She's now on bedrest. Sometime between 2pm monday, and yesterday. She's about 27 weeks, so hopefully they'll be able to stop everything and keep both of them healthy for a while.