Saturday, January 19, 2008


I"m afraid to jinx anything, but yesterday was a pretty good day! I got some good work done from my sofa and my bed, and was able to lay down most of the time. I had a few cramps here and there, but overall, they weren't too bad. We even tried going out for dinner last night at Famous Dave's, which was really good. By the end I was having trouble sitting agian, but it was also getting close to 7 (pill time). So I'm really hoping that this means that the combo of takiong it easy and medication is really working.

Two other things I forgot to mention from my appointments on Thursday- I somehow managed to LOSE 3 pounds since last Friday! This puts my total weight gain up to 7 pounds. At 32 weeks. Just amazing. I'm not surprised though, since I only gained 3 pounds with Celia. Then again, being overweight to begin with, and having GD, makes me completely change the way I eat when pregnant, so I end up eating way healthier, way less sugar, thus dropping some pounds. Hopefully, this time, I can actually keep it off!! The other thing was that the baby weighs approx. 3 pounds, 14 ounces. Just amazing!

I've also been doing some online shopping! We needed a new infant carseat (since we only have 1), a double stroller, and some more clothes. So I had some fun on, and picked up this stroller, which will allow Celia to sit or stand while we're going somewhere with a lot of walking. And this carseat, which I was pleased to see still gets great reviews! We got a very similar one when we had Celia, and were really happy with it. Then, last night, I remembered that I have "gym.bucks" from Gymboree that I wanted to spend. So, I went online, and did it! It saved me a trip to the mall, which I shouldn't do this weekend anyways, and they had the sizes I wanted for most of the items I picked out. I got the boy 3 cute outfits, and Celia a shirt to match some pants I got her a while back, and a really cute cotton dress. I have no idea where this kid came from- she LOVES to wear dresses. Me- I hate them, and would live in jeans if possible. Another new dress, and she'll be thrilled!! She has lots of long sleeve ones, and sleeveless ones, but now she'll have 2 that have short sleeves, so her shoulders are covered in the spring and fall. She's not exactly great at wearing sweaters (which is sad since I've made her a few cute ones, one of which she hasn't even worn yet!).

Nothing but relaxing for me this weekend! Hope you all have a good one!