Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm really relieved after talking with HR. Apparently the minute my Dr decides I shouldn't be working at the office, or full time, he can decide how much I'm allowed to work from home. And Sho.rt Te.rm Disa.bility will kick in that second. It will either supplement my part time work, or be full time. And as far as FMLA running out goes, as long as my supervisor is OK with me taking extra time, I'll be fine. Whether I do it part time from home for a bit or without pay. It's up to her. So I'll have a chat with her next week and see what we can set up, just in case it comes to that.

I can tell you that I had a few good contractions at dinner, so I did take a second pill. And now that it's coming time for my next dose, they're coming through again. But I did have a few hours of relief, which is really nice. I'm hoping once the drug gets in my system better, that there will be fewer of them.