Friday, January 11, 2008

OB appt.

Just got back to my desk, and I'm pretty happy with what we discussed. I'm going to be taking pro.cardia to keep the contractions stopped. I'll take 10mg every six hours, but if I'm uncomfortable, I can take 20mg. For now, the decision to go on bedrest lies with me. Scary thought! I feel so powerful! She said that if I get really uncomfortable, that they'll pull me out of work at my say so. For now, I do plan to work. I need to work as long as possible! Though if I'm not feeling well, I will take that into account and work from home if I need to. At least for now. This week. On Thurs, I'll see my OB, probably schedule my C-section and ligation for 38 weeks or so, and see how the meds are working. If they're not working as well as they'd like, then the choice to remain at work will no longer be mine.

In preparation for this possibility, I'm meeting with HR in 10 minutes to see what my options are if that happens. I'll probably post again when I get home with that info so I don't forget it!