Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well, my MFM and OB appointments went pretty well today! First up was the MFM, who was quite pleased with my progress. My cervix has lengthened to 3.8 cm (up from 3.0)! Though there is fluid around it still, and she told me to expect to see some discharge that may be pink. Apparently my amniotic fluid levels are high (due to my sugars being elevated- apparently it makes baby urinate more, thus more amniotic fluid). But she didn't seem too concerned about that, since I'm doing what I can in that department. Baby looked great, and I even got some 4D images, which were SO cool!! She said that I should definitely make it to 37 weeks, which is good. And I"ll be having weekly sonograms now to check on the placenta, fluid levels and my cervix. So that if things look like they're not doing as well, we'll know it as soon as possible.

My OB was also pretty happy. Definitely wants me having weekly sonos (at first the MFM said to come back in 3 weeks, and then she changed her tune after I mentioned my last pregnancy how I was monitored twice a week, and that my placenta started to go early). He actually noticed on the report that it said to come back in 3 weeks, and he asked if that was true because I should be going weekly. ;) We did schedule the C-section/tubal ligation at SG hospital, which is awesome (apparently they do the tubals there?). Nice and close for us. And the date is... March 5th!! At least for now it is. I hope it will be then, but with my first pregnancy, Celia was born at 38 weeks exactly. And March 5th puts me at 38 weeks 4 days. So we'll see if my placenta lasts that long (it didn't last time). At least for now, we have a date! And I'm excited because it gives Celia her very own month. Now I see him in 2 weeks, and we'll go over all of the details for the section/ligation. And get everything finalized! So exciting!