Sunday, January 27, 2008

fun times!

Last night, I had the pleasure of spendign the evening with the DC Stirrup Queens (who will now be known as The Order of the Plastic Uterus). LJ kindly opened her home to us for a great gathering. We had pizza, dips, chips, shrimp, was amazing! We had a great time, and also got to see our new "mascot", the plastic ute that Leah managed to get from her OB! Now we have a great item that we can put on a table in any restaurant, so we'll be seen and easy to find for the new members! I love it!

After about 9, I left to head home, where my SIL and her hubby were there for a visit. We stayed up and chatted until about 11, when I was ready to pass out. We get to spend today with them too, so that should be fun! And I have my tea party this afternoon! Yay!