Sunday, January 6, 2008

Much better!

I just woke up from an hour and a half long nap, and feel SO much better!!

I even managed to have a pleasant morning! We got upstairs and I decided that I didn't want just eggs again, so I grabbed my copy of the Joy of Cooking and found a pancake recipe. I made them, and some fried eggs, and they were SO much better than the mix I have (the giant bag of Krusteaz from Costco). We all really enjoyed them. After that, we headed over to Target and picked up a few things. Off my list are the changing table, (which wasn't what I initially thought we'd get, but it was on sale for $55 from $79 and it's wood), a pack of diapers, blue socks and onesies. And Celia got a Valentines day outfit and a new pair of PJs. We also picked up a new cordless phone set, since the one we had was over 5 years old, and the volume sucks so badly that you can't even hear the person on the other line. This one came with 2 receivers, and after we got it home and I plugged it in, I was thrilled! I can hear the dial tone!!

We grabbed lunch on the way home from Wendy's, and after that I just crashed. Oh, and I finally took the pics off my camera, so here's a picture of me from last weekend. I've gotten bigger since then, too! See how dark my hair is now? I really love it!