Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So with working at home, it is so much easier to make phone calls that I've been meaning to make! Last week I called and set up a pick-up from the Salvation Army to come get an old sofa, our old stove, and some old clothes. They came this morning, and in less than 10 minutes, they were gone, and I was feeling great about donating some very useful things, that were in great condition, that we couldn't use anymore. Very productive! And now, our garage is cleared out enough for me to put my car in! Or at least it would be, if our garage door opener didn't hate the cold. It doesn't work in the winter, at all. But come spring time, I'll be able to use it and park in the garage again! Yeah!

This week is OK so far. I worked from home all day yesterday, and will today. I'll go in between my 2 appointments tomorrow for a few hours, and then maybe a bit on Friday morning. My mom arrives Friday afternoon for the weekend, because we're having Celia's 4th birthday party. I can't believe my baby girl is going to be 4 in under a month- it's just so hard to believe! Anyway, we're doing the party a few weeks early so I can be there, and so my mom can come! I took the easy way out this year, and am having it at ChuckECheese, instead of at the house. This way I don't have to clean up my house, before and after. And I don't have to deal with ordering food and stuff. The kids will all be set, and all I have to do is order a few pizzas, and cups for the adults. Some people feel very strongly about CEC...but I actually like it. The kids have fun, the pizza isn't bad, and an hour and a half later, the party is OVER so they can set up the next round. And the look on Celia's face when I tell her that we're going there, is just priceless. She really loves it. However it can be a madhouse, but I'll take it any day over having to clean my house before and after a party. Especially right now, when I really shouldn't be doing any of that.

So far this has been an uneventful baby week. Yesterday was actually pretty good, not too many contractions (which is impressive since it was the first tuesday in weeks when I'm able to say that!). Today, I've already had a few that hurt a bit. So I'm laying down on the sofa and taking it easy. I'm glad I get a sono tomorrow and get to see my OB. I'm very curious to see when the c-section will be scheduled for!