Monday, January 28, 2008

band practice.

Our neighbor seem to have a son who plays drums. Or at least that's what has become painfully clear the last few months. I have no idea how old he is (I think he's out of high school), but he likes to practice every night. Usually starting around 7 or so, and goes until 9 or 10. Now this wouldn't be so bad, if thier house wasn't right next to ours, and only separated by a walking path that goes up to the elementary school. I'm sitting here, watching TV, and I can hear the drumming. And tonight, he's got friends over, and there is at least one or two guitars going with him. It's loud enough for me to hear it over the TV. And unfortunatley it's the side of the house that has Celia's bedroom in it. So it's REALLY loud from her room. I have no idea how, but she doesn't have any trouble sleeping with it. I, however...can't sleep with it. So the nights when they go past 10...are not pretty. I usually try to lay down and start to settle down around 9:30. Not exactly ideal when there's a band practicing next door. I am a huge lover of music. I think it's great to practice! But there's a time and a place for it! I would have thought it was common courtesy to stop playing loud music like that around 9. At least during the week. But apparently, they don't care. I have no idea how the baby is going to handle the music. His room is next to Celia's, so it will also share the lovely joy of drumming and band practice. I wish I had the guts to say something, but what do you say? Really? Could you please not practice so late? I'm sure they only practice at that time because it's the only time they can. I don't want to be the bitchy neighbor who complains about everything. Just makes me want to really start working towards moving the heck out of here!